Pre-Assembled Groups

Big-Bag Unloading Station

Code: SS
CMB Srl - Svuota Big Bag

The Big-Bag Unloading Station is suitable for 1000, 1500, 2000 kg bags containing raw material in powder or granules. The Big-Bag Unloading Station is composed of a height-adjustable frame for support of the bags of various sizes, and a hopper with a moto-vibrator for unloading of the product. The loading of the bag can be done by a forklift or by a hoist, the mouth of the bag is introduced into the mouth of loading hopper, arranged for connection with mechanical conveyors (screw) or system of pneumatic transport. The hopper is dimensioned in according to requirements and could also represent a temporary reserve to allow the bag replacement without interruption of underlying feeding flow.


The Big-Bag Unloading Station are used in all industrial sectors to unload raw materials delivered to saccons.

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